Sinning never tasted so good.

Sinfulcakes started out as a home based business by our founder, Raimy in 2013.
Our first brick and mortar opened in 2020 after 7-years of baking from his modest kitchen at home. Over time, Sinfulcakes have gained popularity and earned the phrase ‘possibly the best macarons in Singapore’, thanks to our loyal customers.

Our current much improved store houses a sit-down cafe, professionally fitted kitchen and a team of full-time bakers, baking around the clock to hand-make our sell-out products. 
Our desserts combines western baking style with localised flavours, like our best selling Onde-Onde macaron, which is filled with actual Onde-Onde paste, made from the recipe passed down by Raimy’s grandmother to him.
We like to challenge traditional walls and push ourselves to greater, more fabulous heights, by incorporating wild methods never seen before on our shores, like our ‘Cookie Mak’, which is possibly the FIRST of its kind on our sunny little island.

“…what makes us different is that, we are fun. We are exciting. We are new. We do things that people won’t really think about"

- Raimy Ismail, Head Brain and Heart, Sinful Cakes.

Get ready to blow your mind, and your widen wasitline.

Our shop is responsible for making stunning creations that has caused considerable amounts of pleasured-moans and lip-biting to date. They will have you going ‘ooh ahhh yeah’, as you bite into our treats.

Our macarons and other great bakes are popular not just because of they are so instagrammable and oh-so-pretty to look at, but how they taste when you bite into them.

Who said pretty things have no personality? Not us. So be enticed and overwhelmed by the rich and familiar flavours, that comes of countless hours of sinful scheming to make sure that it was worth the sin. 

We are Muslim Owned (Pending Halal Certification)

Our adorable desserts are made in a Muslim-owned kitchen. With our founder being a Muslim himself, ensures that every item we produce, is made using halal ingredients, and halal methods of preparing certain food groups. (So halal mode right?) We are currently waiting on our halal certification, which would be ready in about 3-6 months.

Do you want to be a Sin-ster?

With an ever-increasing collection of sinful treats to boot (with new items being introduced whenever the kitchen has a spark of inspiration) make sure you browse our online store and order something before you leave.

Don’t worry, this one is between you and us. Be sure also, to pop by at our Cafe for some real-person sinful encounters with us. (Such a slay!)